Travelogues this past Thursday evening was so chilled, I didn’t even take any photos. This is also because I was not expecting so many people to pitch, and ended up running around a bit. Can’t complain though, that’s what I’m here for (and maybe better planning).

We had a good lot of people turn up, and they all left with itchy feet I am sure.

For those of you who missed it, here is a taste:

Kevin Lloyd showed us around South America, some interestingly-named places such as Atacama, Patagonia, Easter Island, and introduced us to pisco sours with fragments of iceberg to garnish.

Stefan Mostert waxed lyrical about his bike travels. I thought the red squiggly line on the map looked rather like a vein of blood and pain.  Though he was obviously feeling quite the opposite.

Andrew Makin then showed us the gradients of his cycling trip through the Himalayas. Similarly this image brought thoughts of sharp knives to mind, but maybe thats just me? The high-altitude landscapes and villages were breathtaking.

Chantal Pieterse and Martin Kluger went to Vietnam (more humid than Durban, yes it’s possible), with a toddler, and still managed to get to grips with the architectural goings-on at the coast. Kudos!

Marc Oswell did indeed put his camera in a ziplock bag to go swimming in a Swiss lake. The result was that we all got to check out Corb’s parents’ house. And more, but that’s all we have time for in today’s blog post.

Good times! Thanks to all who contributed.


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