It was an early start for a Saturday but a beautiful drive, and we were greeted by balmy sunshine and rolling grasslands out in the reserve. The weather was perfect: just hot enough to appreciate the cool of the buildings and spaces!

We started with a slide presentation in the main house, which Richard Stretton used to show the overall architectural strategy and context of the reserve, as well as the building progress over stages. We were then shown around the farm and various buildings.

What really became apparent to me on the tour was the level of involvement this project took: the leaders of the projects went way beyond the norm in their involvement, “making it happen” around very limited local materials, skills and machinery available. I loved the simple concept of the lucas mill out in the field being the dictator of the majority of the timber sizes (200mm) which in turn were employed in so many ways to achieve various architectural outcomes!

A lovely home-grown lunch of fresh pies, home-made bread, leafy salad and pickles followed, joined by chatter and the odd beer clink . After lunch people slowly dribbled off back to their cities. A great day out, and too short if anything!


This tour would not have been possible without the time and efforts of Richard Stretton and Angela Shaw of Koop, as well as the folks at Dalton Private Reserve, who allowed us to share in this inspiring place. For them the KZNIA is most grateful.

If you missed out on the tour, there will be an open day at the reserve in the near future, which will provide an opportunity to take a peek at this fantastic site too. Watch this space!

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Dalton Private Reserve

Inside the workshop

Dalton Private Reserve

Main house

Dalton Private Reserve

in the wood kiln

A peek into the kitchen cupboards




Don`t mind us... (Docklands tower suite)


In celebration of World Architecture Day we at the Promocomms coffee-table decided to get an architectural tour of Durban going, timed for Saturday 2nd October. To keep it simple we cut the tour down to 4 buildings:

1. Choromanski Architects’ Timeball Square, a true landmark of Durban (which, ironically, also pays homage to other landmarks)

2. Emmett:Emmett’s Docklands Hotel (where I hope to have my next birthday party)

3. Bruce Clark and Associates’ Master Builders Centre (has just undergone a sustainability makeover)

4. Freedom Cafe by Architecture Fabrik (containers: the ultimate architectural plaything!)

Thanks to HB Interiors, who also did the glazing of Freedom, we were treated to some delectable treats and drinks from the kitchen. Needless to say we all hung around a while! Also special thanks go to the architects who narrated, and to Chantel Pieterse and Bharti Vithal for all their hard work. We will be doing this again, so keep your eyes on the website…