Top Durban architectural photographer, Dennis Guichard wins prestigious Qatar contract

Durban-based architectural photographer Dennis Guichard has recently won a prestigious contract to travel and shoot an extensive image stock library showcasing the ‘best of Qatar’ for the Qatar Financial Centre Authority in Doha, Qatar. Officially the richest country on earth, with phenomenal natural gas and oil reserves, Qatar has earmarked an incredible US$130bn to spend on infrastructure and building projects in the ten years leading up to their hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The magnitude of the preparations is already influencing economic developments with many of the world’s signature architectural and engineering practices now located in Doha working on prestigious projects including a new international airport, new roads and infrastructure, some 200 new hotels and 12 fully enclosed air-conditioned stadia to host the World Cup.

One of the many awe-inspiring mega-projects currently under construction in Doha is the 35km2 Lusail City which will ultimately provide accommodation for up to 250,000 people. It has marinas, residential areas, island resorts, commercial districts, luxury shopping and leisure facilities, including two golf courses and an entertainment district. It will also house the iconic new 86,250-seat Lusail Stadium (designed by Foster + Partners Architects), which will host the opening and final matches of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Amongst many in Qatar Dennis will be shooting projects for the likes of ARUP Engineers, Foster + Partners Architects, HOK Architects, Gensler Architects, John McAslan + Partners Architects, Woods Bagot Architects, Jean Nouvel Architect, Squire + Partners Architects, and others.

Locally Dennis’s clients include the likes of Elphick Proome Architects, Kevin Lloyd Architect, GOBA Engineers, Brettenwood Coastal Estate, the KZNIA, Evolution Architects, and others.

Dennis has over 20-years post-graduate experience worldwide with Diploma’s in Architecture and Project Management. His photography has featured in and on the covers of numerous prestigious publications worldwide including the National Newspaper (Dubai), Abu Dhabi Week (Abu Dhabi), Middle East Architect (Dubai), Emirates Construction (Dubai), Simply Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi), STERN magazine (Germany), Earthworks magazine (South Africa), VISI magazine (South Africa), PIX photography magazine (South Africa), Leading Architecture magazine (South Africa) and Architectural Record magazine (the official magazine of the American Institute of Architects in the USA). 




Being blonde is HARD work….

The tease of sunshine today, after two solid weeks of rain, drew me out into the Bulwer Park, which essentially is KZNIA “back yard”. The park is currently undergoing a massive upgrade.

I could hardly contain myself when I saw a new “sculpture” installation, still wrapped up in plastic and cordoned off with danger-tape. Needless to say….I started snapping away and by picture #5, I realised that the “sculpture installation” was actually “gym equipment installation”….*blush*

In my defense, they have a rather architectural look about them….ha ha 😀

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Build me an ARK!

In honour of the KZN weather conditions of the past week, I thought I should post something critically appropriate…..

Meet Russian architect Alexander Remizov, designer of “The Ark”. Some believe that the design bears a more likely resemblance to the classic children’s toy – the SLINKY.

The prototype, designed to be constructed from timber, steel and high strength ETFE plastic, could house up to 10 000 people and is suitable for various environments and uses, including emergency housing.

The Ark was a joint collaboration with Lev Britvin who consulted on energy solutions. A wind power generator runs through the centre of the “building” and the outer shell is covered with transparent solar panels. Should The Ark be built to function on water – it could also utilize thermal water energy. The shape of the dome promotes the formation of wind turbulences, thus enhancing the wind generators. The dome’s shape also functions on the inside of the building, by way of promoting the accumulation of warm air in the top of the building. This heat will be transformed into other kinds of energy and also collects in the thermal accumulators.

Remizov, from Remistudio, completed a Master’s degree in Non-polluting Settlements and decided to pursue the theme with his firm. He is passionate about designing modern architecture that is in harmony with the environment.


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Olympic highlights

With London 2012 starting in a week we thought some Olympic ogling was in order. These pics below come from an email that’s been doing the rounds.

For more info on the buildings (who, what, where and how) check out [this link] 

And also an interesting new concept to come out of all these architectural gymnastics: boutique engineering 



Introducing our newest addition

You may have noticed a new face at the KZNIA: Kubash Nair is our new administrator who has taken Emma’s place at the fishbowl end of 160 Bulwer.

While Emma has left to have her baby, we have had bundle of joy of another type arrive : Kubash comes to us after several years spent keeping the members of the Durban Christian Centre in line, which apparently was not as easy as you might think! She is has taken to KZNIA like a duck to water, handling SACAP queries, registrations for courses and welcoming feet through the door all within the same minute. Kubash is the person to call if you would like to register for events,  report a SACAP issue or find out about the general goings-on at the premises.

She has also seen the KZNIA transform over the past few weeks with the donation of eco-friendly paint from Prominent Paints, which has been put to good use on the interiors of the building. What a difference it has made! The last back-rooms are almost finished, and we can look forward to welcoming the Ivor Daniel exhibition to a face-lifted 160 Bulwer Rd next week.