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Tonight at the KZNIA we look forward to opening the UKZN students exhibition. The exhibition comprises primarily fourth year Shift housing projects 2012 but also a creative project undertaken by the whole school which has produced some pleasing results.

As a pre-exhibition celebration KZNIA invited UKZN staff to share a lunch at 160 Bulwer Rd today. There was a great turnout and Nina Saunders  (KZNIA President) had a few things to say about the university’s role in the KZN architecture community.

Many of the members have a sense of connection to UKZN because it is our alma mater. The New Paradigms video highlighted the new directions in the built environment and how much architects are thinking about their role in relation to this. UKZN has an aspirational role to play in twinning practice with research and drawing on the experience of established professionals and the exploratory thinking of young students.

Another positive development is the appointment of a new Head of Architecture at UKZN, Mthembeni Mkhize, who brings several years of experience in architectural research and practice with him from around the world. But that is for another post.

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Issy Benjamin’s talk at UKZN today went down a treat. A springy old man of 85, he has humour, sincerity and, despite avoiding AutoCAD completely (as well as powerpoint), is still very much in touch and enlightened in his perspective.

One thing he stressed the importance of was to “jump jump jump at every opportunity”. And to keep jumping, because it’s difficult to tell what exactly the opportunity is, or where it will lead! His own career is a testament to opportunities embraced with a wholesome optimism.

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Don’t forget to see the Crofton and Benjamin Exhibition at the KZNSA, running until 29 May, which can only enrich and inspire.

Issy on far left, and next to him, Nina Saunders

Yes, he is using an overhead projector!

Awaiting the lecture venue, Issy got busy


Sheesh, it was a week ago already! My how time flies when one is busy. Before our next big event here, I want to update you all on the goings-on at the UKZN Exhibition opening last Wednesday.

In a nutshell: we had a lovely bunch exhibiting  and with them, a great big crowd too. The beer was definitely all gone by 9! 160 Bulwer was packed with people as well as drawings, renderings and models. Initially the exhibitors struggled to fit everything in but this led to some clever innovations in layering sheets of paper as well as filling Nicci’s office with one particularly large model,. So Nicci’s office became a zoo enclosure for the evening.

Students: never dull. And that’s how we like ’em!

Thanks to PPS for sponsoring all the snacks and drinks, which were of course flattened.

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