UIA Task groups taking shape

This is an exciting time for the KZNIA: with exactly 2 years to go until 10 000 architects from around the world descend on Durban for conference, exhibition, work-groups, competitions, awards and general architectural good times. Plans are moving along with the formation of various portfolio committees.

1. Cultural & Social Activities

Proposals on pre & post congress tours, alternate congress meeting venues in the City, cultural and social activities related directly to the UIA 2014 event

2 Related Activities

Events in the City which happen simultaneous to the event: exhibitions, performances etc which are curated by others

3 Urban Forum Close ties to Transformation & Social Cohesion

Potentially establishment of a Durban Urban Forum; spatial UIA 2014 legacy project Andrew Makin, Rodney Choromanski

4 Promotions

Making sure that all Durban/South African architects go to the event.

5 Publications &Documentation

Best opportunity to showcase our thinking, our objectives, our passions.


If you would like to get involved in any then give us a ring at the KZNIA!


Preparing for Tokyo

Some images of the last week or so at the KZNIA: It’s been busy!

Japanese evening: Kids were given cupcake playthings in matching colours to our Tokyo showstand. By the end of the evening, most parts of the KZNIA building had some blue icing on them. Ah bless…

Japan Evening 9 September: Vanessa Smith digs into the delightful snacks as the bonsai and anime movie look on.

Journalist Shirley Jones interviews Peter Engblom. Look out for the story in Thursday's Mercury!

Bharti Vithal with the earlybird registration free gifts: branded wallets

Peter Engblom (stand designer) and Nina Saunders (KZNIA President) prepare materials for the Tokyo showstand where "Otherwhere Architecture" will be launched.