Favourite Industry Publications – Results are in!


We asked Members to vote for their favourite Industry Publications. These were the options:

Architecture SA

Corobrik KZNIA Journal


Designing Ways

Walls & Roofs in Africa

Architect and Builder

SA Roofing

SA Affordable Housing

Steel Construction

Architect and Specificator

Timber IQ

Engineering News

Earthworks Magazine

Flooring Guide

Floors in Africa

And the results are:

1.)   Architecture SA

2.)   Corobrik KZNIA Journal

3.)   Architect and Builder

4.)   Earthworks Magazine

5.)   Designing Ways

6.)   Timber IQ; Architect and Specificator & SA Roofing

7.)   Steel Construction

8.)   Engineering News & Walls & Roof in Africa

9.)   Specifier; SA Affordable Housing; Flooring Guide & Floors in Africa

Members were able to comment on publications that were not on the list and they were:

Architects Journal; Architectura; Review; Australia Architecture; Architectural Record; OBJECT Magazine; Visi; Architectural Digest; Steel Profile (Aus); MARK & Detail

Thank you for your participation!