‘Cos kids love buildings too

For those of you who missed it, here is a snippet of the Crofton & Benjamin exhibition which took place recently at the KZNSA Gallery. We have had such a great response, and it has been an incredibly rewarding experience to be able to bring these thought-provoking words and images into the public eye.

Crofton & Benjamin exhibition

I came accross this small piece of grafitti in the upper corner of the gallery and was rather touched!



Issy Benjamin’s talk at UKZN today went down a treat. A springy old man of 85, he has humour, sincerity and, despite avoiding AutoCAD completely (as well as powerpoint), is still very much in touch and enlightened in his perspective.

One thing he stressed the importance of was to “jump jump jump at every opportunity”. And to keep jumping, because it’s difficult to tell what exactly the opportunity is, or where it will lead! His own career is a testament to opportunities embraced with a wholesome optimism.

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Don’t forget to see the Crofton and Benjamin Exhibition at the KZNSA, running until 29 May, which can only enrich and inspire.

Issy on far left, and next to him, Nina Saunders

Yes, he is using an overhead projector!

Awaiting the lecture venue, Issy got busy


Exhibition: The Work of Crofton & Benjamin Architects: 1955 –1964

Very excited about Issy Benjamin coming to town. Very excited!
The Croftton & Benjamin exhibition will be up at the KZNSA for the next 3 weeks from 12 to 30th May, and it is unlike any architectural exhibition I have seen. Check it out for yourselves and see why Issy Benjamin, “the architects’s architect” is my archi-hero.

You’ll also discover why Crofton & Benjamin are receiving an Honorary Life Membership to the KZNIA.

FarringdonMore on the goings-on, including his Friday talk, on our website: http://www.kznia.org.za