The day the Victorian Steamroller came back…..:)

High excitement in Bulwer Park today as the beloved Victorian Steamroller, which has become somewhat of a landmark in the Park, was returned home, sporting a brand new coat of red-oxide 🙂



Being blonde is HARD work….

The tease of sunshine today, after two solid weeks of rain, drew me out into the Bulwer Park, which essentially is KZNIA “back yard”. The park is currently undergoing a massive upgrade.

I could hardly contain myself when I saw a new “sculpture” installation, still wrapped up in plastic and cordoned off with danger-tape. Needless to say….I started snapping away and by picture #5, I realised that the “sculpture installation” was actually “gym equipment installation”….*blush*

In my defense, they have a rather architectural look about them….ha ha 😀

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