Build me an ARK!

In honour of the KZN weather conditions of the past week, I thought I should post something critically appropriate…..

Meet Russian architect Alexander Remizov, designer of “The Ark”. Some believe that the design bears a more likely resemblance to the classic children’s toy – the SLINKY.

The prototype, designed to be constructed from timber, steel and high strength ETFE plastic, could house up to 10 000 people and is suitable for various environments and uses, including emergency housing.

The Ark was a joint collaboration with Lev Britvin who consulted on energy solutions. A wind power generator runs through the centre of the “building” and the outer shell is covered with transparent solar panels. Should The Ark be built to function on water – it could also utilize thermal water energy. The shape of the dome promotes the formation of wind turbulences, thus enhancing the wind generators. The dome’s shape also functions on the inside of the building, by way of promoting the accumulation of warm air in the top of the building. This heat will be transformed into other kinds of energy and also collects in the thermal accumulators.

Remizov, from Remistudio, completed a Master’s degree in Non-polluting Settlements and decided to pursue the theme with his firm. He is passionate about designing modern architecture that is in harmony with the environment.


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One thought on “Build me an ARK!

  1. The Ark is designed to be a non-polluting settlement. That cone sticking out of the top is a wind power generator and the panes of glass are actually clear solar panels. If floating, the Art can also use thermal energy from water. Thanks to the odd shape of the building, it is also built to sustain earthquakes. Any structural stress is distributed across the whole structure.

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