UIA Task groups taking shape

This is an exciting time for the KZNIA: with exactly 2 years to go until 10 000 architects from around the world descend on Durban for conference, exhibition, work-groups, competitions, awards and general architectural good times. Plans are moving along with the formation of various portfolio committees.

1. Cultural & Social Activities

Proposals on pre & post congress tours, alternate congress meeting venues in the City, cultural and social activities related directly to the UIA 2014 event

2 Related Activities

Events in the City which happen simultaneous to the event: exhibitions, performances etc which are curated by others

3 Urban Forum Close ties to Transformation & Social Cohesion

Potentially establishment of a Durban Urban Forum; spatial UIA 2014 legacy project Andrew Makin, Rodney Choromanski

4 Promotions

Making sure that all Durban/South African architects go to the event.

5 Publications &Documentation

Best opportunity to showcase our thinking, our objectives, our passions.


If you would like to get involved in any then give us a ring at the KZNIA!


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