Cameras and animals

We had our final instalment of Architectural Cinema Thursdays last week and despite the cold front about to hit town we had a pretty decent turnout! An unusual visitor who took up most of the lawn was the KZNSA’s new rhino, who rudely attempted to steal the limelight as the Sunday Times photographer and her assistant photographed the audience. I had a fight with my own camera and was kindly shown the “program” button by the photographer. This was of course very embarrassing and I slunk back to my picnic blanket and made a mental note to check out the professional photos in the weekend paper.

A huge thanks are due to all those who helped make the Archi Cinema Thursday series run smoothly:

  • Marc Oswell and Jack Chiang for the generous loans from their film libraries,
  • Lauren Haiden and Jono James for stepping in when I was on leave,
  • Vera Platt, our archi-student who is an absolute whizz at technicalities and theatrical details,
  • The KZNSA gallery for all their assistance in hosting and spreading the word,
  • and of course our sponsors DormaMouldings and Frames International and the Cement and Concrete Institute

These are some snippets of the last Archi Cinema Thursday. There are also a few nice ones on our facebook page.

Guess who got here first and took the front row!

Some regulars below…


Wouter Malan… of Springbok Heights.


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