A smile from our Heritage committee

One of the most active task teams at the KZNIA is the heritage committee. In fact they are meeting right now, as they do every month! Another thing they do quite often is run the Heritage Course, a popular series of courses which introduce attendees to the various aspects of heritage practice where architecture is concerned.
We’ve run several of these events so far covering the two main parts (Part 1: Principles and Philosophies and Part 2: Building Conservation in Practice) with additional add-ons such as as the Amafa Guidelines course. Much appreciation goes to our sponsor, Safintra (who also blog btw), for their constant support of our architects.
The courses will all be available on CCN webinar soon but in the meantime you can enjoy a pic of Prof Wally Peters, fresh from the Vrystaat, giving his lecture on Principles and Philosophies.


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