Introducing our newest addition

You may have noticed a new face at the KZNIA: Kubash Nair is our new administrator who has taken Emma’s place at the fishbowl end of 160 Bulwer.

While Emma has left to have her baby, we have had bundle of joy of another type arrive : Kubash comes to us after several years spent keeping the members of the Durban Christian Centre in line, which apparently was not as easy as you might think! She is has taken to KZNIA like a duck to water, handling SACAP queries, registrations for courses and welcoming feet through the door all within the same minute. Kubash is the person to call if you would like to register for events,  report a SACAP issue or find out about the general goings-on at the premises.

She has also seen the KZNIA transform over the past few weeks with the donation of eco-friendly paint from Prominent Paints, which has been put to good use on the interiors of the building. What a difference it has made! The last back-rooms are almost finished, and we can look forward to welcoming the Ivor Daniel exhibition to a face-lifted 160 Bulwer Rd next week.


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