High and healthy

The Priority Zone (PZ) building in Durban’s CBD is a great example in retrofitting for sustainability. The building is part of a city initiative to catalyse Durban inner city’s transformation from a crime and grime-ridden area into a pleasant experience for all.

Thobile Mkhize, part of the Facilities Management team at the PZ, received a resounding appplause at the recent PechaKucha Night in Durban, where she presented “before and after” images of the area. It is clear that the initiative is showing excellent results, not the least of which is the abundance of food grown in the rooftop and pavement gardens.

Most of this bounty is given to the needy, though some of it will be available in gourmet sandwiches for the duration of the Architect Africa Film Screenings (until December 9) and Repurpose exhibition (open 9am- 9pm util December 15). Highly-rated locally-grown coffee from KZN’s South Coast is also available, proclaimed by Albert Dubler (UIA President) as “better than any in Europe!”.


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