Architectural firms and the internet

The internet has changed the way we communicate market ourselves and network. Just think about where you look first for a service provider or consultant: does google or facebook spring to mind?

If you can dream it…

There are multitudes of free platforms for just about any sort of interaction you can think of from blogging, photo-sharing ( been to flickr?), video-sharing (you tube and vimeo), forums ( more locally, ) and of course websites. The possibilities are endless.

This is a massive opportunity to inspire current clients and draw new ones in: Online you can show them not only what you are capable of, but the reasons behind your architectural ethos. Share your stories, your favourite buildings and your concerns about urban heat islands for example. People will feel a lot more confident investing in you if they know you better.

Communicating your point of view can take the form of a picture gallery, sketches, writings, videos, forum comments, tweets etc. What’s to stop you setting up a webcam in your studio?

The web is getting faster, free-er and more integrated into daily life.  Whatever your mission is as an architect the web is there as your tool. Get to know it, use it appropriately, and reap the benefits.


For more on social media, visit the leading site on the subject:

Also check out this useful article:


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