A glassy gathering

Hugh Fraser, that guy from Glass South Africa who gets to travel round the world looking at buildings, was in town last night for an architectural evening at the beachfront.

About 60 or so people arrived at the Marine Surf Lifesaving Club (otherwise known as “The building with the tiles” or “Koop’s building”) for sundowners overlooking the beach, followed by some high-speed slides. Hugh has developed a special manner of presentation which involves speeding through photos of buildings. The photos seem to be taken on continuous shutter release, and so it reads more like a film than a slideshow, accompanied by his provocative narrative. “He is wonderfully fun,” commented one viewer.

We were treated to a dynamic set of presentations; the first covered the latest in glass printing technology as well as innovative techniques in glass from around the world while the second was all about travelling and spectacular architecture.

I left with a refreshed and inspired perspective on glass, and a niggling feeling of wanderlust.

(Sigh! Thank goodness the weekend is upon us!)

Kevin Bingham (KZNIA Education Chair), Nina Saunders (KZNIA President), Hugh Fraser (Glass South Africa), Angela Forbes and Trish Emmett (UIA).


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