An edgy evening on the Ridge

We had a very unusual evening last Wednesday night. Firstly we had 3 fabulous Spanish architects in town*: Elena Rocchi, Angelo Bucci and Claudio Vekstein. Then we had sundowners and eats on a dramatic venue on the Berea Ridge in Durban (thanks to design workshop for the incredible space). And then there was a lunar eclipse. How could it not be memorable?

My favourite comments from attendees:

“It is wonderful to see so many architects attending such honest and passionate presentations.”

“This house should be in a film.”

(A South African reminder of the US Case Study Houses perhaps?)

Many thanks must go to the Cement and Concrete Institute for bringing the speakers out, and to NPC Cement & Cimpor for their generous sponsorship of the drinks tab. The red wine went down so well with the chilly winter evening.

*They were here for the 3rd International Design Masterclass themed “On the Edge”, conducting the studio along with local architects Peter Rich and Andrew Makin. For more pics, see our facebook album [ click this link ]

design workshop : sa site on the Ridge


Cimpor, who took care of the warming red wine and other sundowners.

Elena Rocchi

Andrew Makin, Angelo Bucci, Elena Rocchi, Claudio Vekstein and Peter Rich


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