Sheesh, it was a week ago already! My how time flies when one is busy. Before our next big event here, I want to update you all on the goings-on at the UKZN Exhibition opening last Wednesday.

In a nutshell: we had a lovely bunch exhibiting  and with them, a great big crowd too. The beer was definitely all gone by 9! 160 Bulwer was packed with people as well as drawings, renderings and models. Initially the exhibitors struggled to fit everything in but this led to some clever innovations in layering sheets of paper as well as filling Nicci’s office with one particularly large model,. So Nicci’s office became a zoo enclosure for the evening.

Students: never dull. And that’s how we like ’em!

Thanks to PPS for sponsoring all the snacks and drinks, which were of course flattened.

More info on our website [ click here ] and more photos in our facebook album…


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