Dennis Guichard’s Art + Architecture Exhibition opened last night to a throng of about 50 people at the KZNIA. Ivor Daniel officially opened the exhibition, commenting on how honoured we at the KZNIA are to have Dennis’s world-class images displayed here. He is certainly up there with the best of them, and it was interesting to note that, out of the whole world of entries for the FIFA 2010 Fine Art Collection, the two photographers selected were Dennis and another fellow KZN photographer, Clinton Strydom.**

Despite the accolades, Dennis is remarkably down-to-earth. His fearless sincerity is evident in the koki scribbles of his photograph commentary ranging from how the shot was taken (6 weeks for the right weather in one case!) to details of the image, to his own lighthearted puns.

Ferreiras KZN Manager, Segran Moodley, was delighted to be able to contribute to the architectural community through sponsoring the event. “Ferreira’s Decor World was very proud and took great pleasure in sponsoring a great talent like Dennis. It was a great experience partnering with the KZNIA…”

The KZNIA will be open for viewings during office hours for the next 2 months and all are welcome.

Ivor Daniel (KZNIA), Dennis Guichard, Segran Moodley (Ferreiras) & David Wightman


RoyEsterhuysen, Grant Pitcher

Leah Johnson, Marc Oswell

Tammy Venter, , Lauren Haiden, Nick Darby

Malcolm Ellis, Segran Moodley, Lorraine Reddy, Urishka Jiawan, Ash Supkaran

Greg Townsend & Paul Rawsthorn

**Apologies for the confusion, this post originally claimed Dennis’s KZN FIFA ally as Clinton Friedman.


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