The term “concrete jungle” is becoming less and less relevant as major cities of the world invest in initiatives to bring the benefits of plants to the depths of the urban core. Parking lots, whose bare, empty tarmacs were once lauded by the modernists, are now facing a paradigm shift. The Shinkuku Parking Lot in central Tokyo, after being efficiently revamped, features some inspiring  ideas that could go a long way in any city:

– replacement of car ramps with a futuristic elevator

– green walls, made up of neat lines of grasses planted into widened balustrades

– silent concrete walls become gallery spaces, showing neon lighting installations and giving a new dimension of expression to the structure.

Architecture with a consciencce and a sense of humour! And those lines and lines of grasses are just beaut.

For more click here

Shinjuku street view

Shinjuku street view


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