Don`t mind us... (Docklands tower suite)


In celebration of World Architecture Day we at the Promocomms coffee-table decided to get an architectural tour of Durban going, timed for Saturday 2nd October. To keep it simple we cut the tour down to 4 buildings:

1. Choromanski Architects’ Timeball Square, a true landmark of Durban (which, ironically, also pays homage to other landmarks)

2. Emmett:Emmett’s Docklands Hotel (where I hope to have my next birthday party)

3. Bruce Clark and Associates’ Master Builders Centre (has just undergone a sustainability makeover)

4. Freedom Cafe by Architecture Fabrik (containers: the ultimate architectural plaything!)

Thanks to HB Interiors, who also did the glazing of Freedom, we were treated to some delectable treats and drinks from the kitchen. Needless to say we all hung around a while! Also special thanks go to the architects who narrated, and to Chantel Pieterse and Bharti Vithal for all their hard work. We will be doing this again, so keep your eyes on the website…


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