George Kunihiro of UIA 2011 presents from Tokyo

George Kunihiro at KZNIA AGM


George Kunihiro speaks to us from a midnight Tokyo- thanks the CCN for their technical genii!

The AGM took place the other day (last Tuesday 5th October) and much talking was done! Being my first AGM I didn`t know what to surmise, although I did overhear some interesting conversations.

Derek van Heerden murmurs across to Georgie:

Psst! Check Trish’s shoes!

GC: Yoh! Impressive!

[Trish fresh off the plane from Mexico, which makes her shoes even more impressive]

GC: Did you notice I cleaned my shoes just for today?

DvH: Did you notice I`m wearing shoes just for today?


Another one which caught my attention, went something like this:

Franco Frescura (stirrer extraordinaire):

Excuse me, but there was no mention made of women in George’s presentation?


Yes, but there was no mention made of men either?!


Never a dull moment.

A big thank you to Stone Concepts for making this possible.


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